"Thank you for responding promptly to our request and for reporting the progress of each important point.

While I had to work with a lawyer to solve the problem in a limited amount of time, it was very helpful for me to have your company's prompt response and progress report, as well as a commentary report for specialized areas. I would like to thank you again as the person in charge. ”

Internal fraud DF investigation (PC & smartphone) / Corporate

"Suddenly the data disappeared and I became so panicked that my head became blank, but I wonder how encouraging and grateful I was for the kindness and kindness I received from beginning to end.

After recovering all the important data, he patiently taught me what I didn't understand after the recovery, and I thought it was a really wonderful company. ”

Data recovery (Fujitsu PC built-in HDD) / Corporate

"When the NAS RAID 6 hard disk was damaged, I was prepared to cause considerable damage to business operations, but when I asked your company to take action this time, it was completely restored and the data was returned, which was very helpful. It was.

When the failure occurred, I had no experience in data recovery so far, so I planned to look it up on the net and ask the company displayed at the top without a doubt, but there are many troubles in this case from employees. When I was informed and re-examined, I found out about your company.

To be honest, I was skeptical until I went to your company, but after hearing the president's explanation, I was convinced that I could leave it to you. From the results of the actual work, I realized once again that the content of the explanation was exactly the same.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. ”

Data recovery / software development / sales / corporate

"Thank you for your help this time.

The trigger was that the RAID server of the HDD used as the file server did not start normally, but since I had the same experience in the past, I did not think that it would be a big problem as usual. I called the support center.
However, although the operation is performed as it is said, the number of HDDs to be recognized is not enough, and eventually it is diagnosed that it is impossible to respond to the phone, so I explain the situation to the employees of the related departments who use this server and visit support The first day was over.

The next morning, the manufacturer support came and replaced the backplane for about 2 hours. As a result, it was declared that there was no abnormality other than the HDD and that the server could be reused but the data could not be restored. As you know after that.

I am very grateful that the data arrived in the evening of the day after the request.
As a server administrator, it was an embarrassing and thankful experience. ”

Data recovery (RAID file server)
Communication business / corporate

"Thank you for your prompt response.

When requesting your company this time, we were introduced by the person in charge of the system-related department of a major company that is a customer.
(Unfortunately, I couldn't hear the result and evaluation ...)

It was your company and the manufacturer in the city that you introduced, but we checked the website and decided on the scale of the company and the degree of equipment, although it was a selfish guess, and chose your company.

As a result, I don't think the choice was wrong.

I heard that the response at the counter is also well instructed, and that the response of the person in charge after that is also based on knowledge and experience, so in response to this half-impossible request I was very pleased that you were willing to respond.

Although it is a high price for the department that pays the price and caused the disability, I felt that the person in charge was not hungry for profits, and I thought that he was taking appropriate measures.

Since I am also involved in system development and personally assembling PCs, I can understand the difficulty of dealing with hardware failures, so it is difficult to explain so that the general public can understand it. think.
(At the time of asking for support, I think it is at a certain level ...)

I hope that a company like yours will be understood correctly and contribute to society. ”

Data recovery
logistics / automobile services / corporate

"I am grateful that an unskilled amateur tried to rescue the data by force, worsened the symptoms, and quickly and completely recovered the data that could not be dealt with.

I got a call immediately after contacting me, gave me advice on data recovery, explained the cause of data loss carefully, and it was very helpful to be able to refer to future data storage methods etc. ..

It was only the first search on the Internet, but I think it was the correct answer asking for work.

While I was conducting the survey, I was impressed by the fact that the company has solid technical capabilities while looking at the materials in the waiting room.

In the future, we will take all possible measures to prepare for data loss and carry out our daily work, but in the unlikely event of a data failure, we would like to ask you immediately.
At that time, thank you again.
* In the future, we plan to purchase a NAS that allows you to select an HDD, and are considering building a new one.
When I heard the story from the supplier again in detail, I was keenly aware of the narrowness of the amateur information.

We look forward to working with you in the future. ”

Data recovery / medical / corporate

Feel free to ask questions.

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