Digital Forensic Investigation for Labor Issues

Looking for clues for solving problems that occured in your corporate ?

Digital Forensic Investigations for Labor Issues

These are examples of what we have investigated.

Claimes for Unpaid Wages

Non-work related web browsing history.
History of PC startup and shutdown.


Unauthorized modification/deletion of data.
Co-worker harassment.
False rumors.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Non-work related PC oparations.
For complaints handling.
False reporting of work status.


At workplace.
Email bullies.

Anonymous Muckraking Document

Smearing co-Worker anonymously.
Letters to slander corporate's anagement.
Leaking company's secret to the media.

Death from Overwork

Elucidation of the cause of suicide.
Providing information to the breaved family.
Relevance between work and death.

Missing Person

Collecting Web Search History.
Maps, Location, Means of Transportation.

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