Data Recovery and Digital Forensic Investigation by Japanese Specialist in New York, USA

Fraud Cases, Labor Issues, Data Recovery, and more.

Currently, there is an exceptionally high volume of inquiries, and we regret to inform you that we are unable to accommodate new consultations at our New York lab. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, we kindly ask that you direct your inquiries to our office in Japan (Osaka).


We analyze and recover lost data. 95% of our customers are companies and organizations.

Data Recovery

File Share Servers, Database(MS SQL, Oracle), Accidental Erasure

We recover lost data, missing files, damaged storage, photos, and movies.

TV & Newspaper Interview

Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, and Data Erasure. Our outstanding skills are recognized by major mass media as well.


On TV ( Japan's national TV )
Data Recovery Specialist "Dai Shimogaito"

Mainichi Newspaper
Deleted Files/Data Recovery

Mainichi Newspaper
Lost 10 Years of Memory - Recovered

Founder & CEO : Dai Shimogaito

Dai Shimogaito, a Japanese national, is a founder and CEO of AIFORENSE JAPAN DATA RECOVERY, INC. ( Est. 1998 ) and an expert possessing extraordinary ability in the area of data recovery and digital forensics with over 20 years experience. He has also been an  executive director of Data Recovery Association Japan since 2017.

  In recognition of his extraordinary skill as a digital forensic specialist, he received the Research & Development Award from the Institute of Digital Forensics in 2018, one of the most distinguished awards in the field.

Furthermore, Dai has developed a new technology of Hard Disk Drive and obtained a patent for it. "The Internal Controlling System for the Behavior of Hard Drives"

  More importantly, he is often invited to conduct workshops and lectures by prestigious organizations and Japanese police enforcement. In fact, relying on his extraordinary capacities in computer forensics, Japanese police and courts frequently ask him to assist in investigation of important cases.

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